T.C. Ranger

I've always been an active person from the onset. I believe that it's important to "DREAM BIG!" My belief stems from the good fortune of having a supportive network of family and friends that have allowed me the freedom and courage to try new things and believe they are possible with hard work and dedication. I have always felt that a strong body naturally complements a strong mind and vice versa and that both are achievable.

The problem for many seems to be HOW? The "how" is why I'm here to help you. My experience stems from 20 years of experience in the gym and participating in other physical activities and disciplines. Recently my participation in competitive "natural" bodybuilding, figure, physique and strength competitions has further added to my practical knowledge of exercise and nutrition. In addition, my education has included an understanding of human physiology, kinesiology, psychology, as well principles of training for health and sport. Also, I have been and am actively involved in my local community as a strength trainer and fitness instructor. Further, I have developed and implemented a successful Fitness Education 12 course for those wishing to complete their high school education program.

It is for these reasons, I want to share my experience and knowledge to help others attain their health and fitness goals. I am here to share my personal experience and knowledge to help guide you. Too often I see people get started and then give up, because the plan they have set is not suited to them. My goal is to offer you individualized opportunities to meet your health and fitness goals. My hope is that you will achieve them and become a self-manager of your own health and fitness. The end result will be continued success!

So, "Let's get started!"

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